Joe Gauthreaux & Jace M release rebellious “We Won’t Go”


Joe Gauthreaux & Detroit based DJ Jace M team up for the all-new, original big room banger “We Won’t Go,” from Prop D Recordings. With big beats, haunting synths, and a rebellious chant, this track is ready to burn up any dance floor – or living room at the moment.

“We thought about delaying the release until clubs are open, but we were both excited about the track and thought, ‘why wait?’” says Gauthreaux from his home studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Gauthreaux is no stranger to releasing his own original music. He co-writes most of his tracks and singles, with three of them reaching the top 5 on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart. His collaboration with house diva Inaya Day, “The Urge In Me” hit #3 on the chart, and their most recent project, “Work It If You Want It,” a co-write with Day, released last fall, has remixes on the way. “The final masters are in, and they’ll be out very soon.” 

Introducing Jace M

Gauthreaux’s latest collaborator, Jace M, is a DJ with fifteen years under his belt. He holds a residency at Necto Nightclub, one of the biggest clubs in the Detroit area. “My sound leans more after-hours,” says Jace M. “Joe gravitates more towards a big room, so our track is a great meeting of the minds. “We Won’t Go” could be played at a main event or after-hours – when we’re all able to gather for large events again, of course.”

Their mashup of “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Kygo & Tina Turner is their first collaboration. The two of them suddenly without gigs due to the COVID-19 pandemic freed up their schedules. “I was inspired by Kygo & Tina’s song, along with an instrumental by Mauro Mozart that moved me. They are in the same key, so that flipped the switch in my head.” Gauthreaux further explains, “I honestly wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but when we started working on it, I realized how great they go together.” The mashup spent a week at #1 on the promo charts, a place DJs regularly promote their work to other DJs. 

In the Studio

For Gauthreaux & Jace M’s second project, they decided to take things further. “We wanted to make an original, and I wanted to take the next step in production.” “We Won’t Go” delves into progressive territory, but has crossover appeal with an infectious vocal hook. It’s mixshow ready at 4 minutes & 55 seconds. Says Jace M, “5 years ago, we would have made this track 7 minutes long. But our brains today are ready for the next thing much faster than they used to be.”

Jace M might be new to remixing & production, but over the years he’s heard countless producers DJ sets. In the Detroit area, one of the birthplaces of electronic music, “I’d ask my favorite producers specific questions about their productions. I learned a lot from talking with them and wanted to bring that knowledge to this record. “ Jace M promotes the popular “Thots & Prayers” parties. 

Gauthreaux’s collaborators 

Gauthreaux is no stranger to collaborators – in the studio (usually with frequent collaborator DJ Leanh from Brazil), or with pop stars he’s never met. He’s officially co-produced (sanctioned by the record label) remixes for some of the biggest pop divas today, including the trinity of legendary gay icons: Cher, Madonna & Diana Ross.

But what’s it like working with someone that he knows? “Working with Jace is great,” assures Gauthreaux. “He’s very enthusiastic and has lots of great ideas. I love having a copilot to calm the self-doubt voices in my head. My theory is if there’s a lyric or production part that isn’t working for them, then it probably won’t vibe with half the listeners. Compromising is good because I’m not always right. Nobody is.” Gauthreaux also knows how to look out for fame junkies. “In the past, I worked with someone who cared more about the applause than the production we were working on. It’s more fun working with people who are passionate about music.”

We Won’t Go – Countdown to Release!

Gauthreaux & Jace M are laser-focused on accessibility at the moment.  “We want DJs to play it during their streams or podcasts while waiting for clubs to reopen. So, we’re making “We Won’t Go” a free download until the official release in September,” says Jace M. “It’s to promote our work, but also to do what we can.” When asked if they plan on making “We Won’t Go” their only project? Gauthreaux proclaims, “Hell no,” quoting the vocal hook from the single. Gauthreaux & Jace M are at work on their follow up.

“We Won’t Go,” will be released on September 15 to all online retail shops, but you can listen and download it now for free on Soundcloud.

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Gauthreaux still mixing it up while clubs are closed

(08.15.20) Gordon Murray – Joe Gauthreaux has been jamming to Thomas Gold’s “Live a Little Louder” (extended mix). “This is such an uplifting anthem,” Gauthreaux tells Billboard. “It’s exactly what I think we all need right now with what’s going on. I know I do.”

The former New York City resident and now Atlanta-based Gauthreaux, who would normally be traveling across the country for gigs in addition to locally playing at The Heretic nightclub and at the Xion afterhours event at BJ Roosters, also has also been into R Plus and Dido’s “Together” (Cedric Gervais remix). “Dido’s angelic vocal sounds better than ever over Gervais’ production,” Gauthreaux says.

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New Interview with Thotyssey NYC

(05.15.20) Hey guys, I spoke to ThotysseyNYC about live streaming, Quarankiki – and what I think about a certain large gathering of gay men you may have heard about in NYC.  Click my picture for the link to the interview, or you can access it here.

Thank you Jim Silvestri for talking with me!

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COVID-19 Update

(03.25.20) Dear Friends,

Due to the COVID-19 crisis in the United States and throughout the World, all gigs until the end April 2020 have been postponed. H2O Festival, Cherry, & Purple Party have all rescheduled for later in the year – the new dates are listed here. Revelry Weekend in Houston is postponed til 2021.Please check local listings & laws before attending any of the other events listed on my website. Check back here for updates to my schedule, I look forward to seeing you all again soon when it’s safe and healthy to do so!

Love, Joe

EXCLUSIVE MASHUP from Joe’s Private vault!

(02.05.20) – Exclusive to visitors, here is Joe’s private mashup of Tommer Mizrahi vs T. Swift “Ecstasy in the Afterglow” (Joe Gauthreaux Mashup). Click the image to download now!